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The Cowon Q5W’s touch-screen interface can be operated with your fingers, but some of the smaller screen icons are better controlled with the included stylus. A small QWERTY keyboard window can be called up from the menu bar, enabling you to type up a quick note or enter a URL.
(Source link. | Photo credit: CNET […]

There have been pen phone concepts before, even a few working products, but none as slim and small as this one sent us by an anonymous tipster. He told us this “design A” is not a finished product yet, and added that the undisclosed company he’s working for wants to gauge interest in such a […]

The “Eco Shoes Dryer”

The “Eco Shoes Dryer” from Life in Detail are plastic shoe trees filled with silica gel which absorbs the moisture from your shoes after they’ve been worn. When full of your foot juice, the Dryer can then be plugged into the wall to accelerate the evaporative process, presumably with a small fan.

A ridiculous idea! The ‘glasses’ are made from a long piece of flexible tubing, so simply put them on, insert the short end into your mouth and the long end into your drink - and watch the drink swirl through the straw and around your eyes with every sip. Great for children’s parties and even […]

USB Panic Button

Some smart guys have invented something less traditional, but with real feedback – PANIC BUTTON! This is a fancy peripheral which connects to your PC via a USB port. The funny thing is that its ‘designers’ have probably fallen asleep while creating its concept. That is because this gadget features a bulky yellow base with […]