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Most people enjoy arranging for such holidays as Christmas, for instance. It’s really great when the whole family is gathered together in order to celebrate New Year’s Eve, to favour each other with warm-heartedness and bring joy to everyone. Most people spend a great amount of time in order to set up all the outdoor […]

This cool toy that will make your voice sound just like Peter Cullen!
You’ll still have to wear your cardboard armor but the head will look sweet!

Award-Winning Pencil Bench

Award-Winning Pencil Bench by Boex Blends Art, Office Supplies and Function 
UK-based Boex 3D Creative Solutions designed this award-winning bench based off a single conversation about incorporating an everyday office item into a functional piece of furniture. All it took was a little bit of creative brainstorming, and voilà — the Pencil Bench was born!
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Bookshelf Chair - Cave

This Cave is a bookshelf with built in chair allowing those avid book lovers to find a comfy space to read away.  Designed byOriginally from Aichi prefecture in Japan, 29-year-old Adachi is now based in Milan, Italy, and works for design firm Studio & Partners and is described as a litteral way to “really get […]