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Made of solid 18 carat yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, the ‘home’ button is a rare 6.6 carat diamond.

If you thought that the Apple iPhone was not worth its cost, think again. This is because the most […]

The way we interact with devices is changing. Touch is supplementing the keyboard. The iPhone’s multi-touch is reaching laptops. Lucid touch will let you point and touch from behind the display (so that your fingers don’t block the screen).
Non-contact interfaces (remember Tom Cruise in Minority Report?) will emerge as will folding displays and e-paper.

Widely considered BlackBerry’s answer to the iPhone, this touchscreen smartphone has recently debuted in the US. It has its share of software glitches, say users, but these might be ironed out by the time the phone reaches India.
Heightened security concerns in the wake of the terror attacks in Mumbai might see a delay in the […]

Canon PowerShot SX1 IS

This is what all digital cameras want to grow up to be. The specs are enough to make even the least trigger-happy yearn for a camera: 10 MP, 20x wide-angle optical zoom, 4 fps continuous shooting, image stabiliser and 1080p high-definition video.
Or, you can opt for a full manual control over aperture and shutter speed.