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Powerfull Vacuum Cleaner

Light Weight, Convenient Operation

Product Features :
-  Most Powerfull Vacuum Cleaner
-  Details of - 800 Watt Vacuum Cleaner with 6 Attachments
-  Powerful Suction
-  Hand vacuum for vacuuming of : furniture, upholstery, frames, curtains,
books, computers, cars etc.
-  Light Weight, Convenient operation
-  Compact size: 30 x 14x 23.5 cm
-  Accessories: flexible “vacuum snout” with crevice nozzle, small […]

Bluetooth car kit has an easy plug-in design, a working hands free system that doesn’t require any wiring or installation. The Plug ‘n’ Go simply plugs into your in-car cigarette lighter, then you have a hands free talkie. A universal bluetooth car kit which works with Most bluetooth phone which support headset or car kit […]

Wristband Watch

Check out this cool wristband watch, which is both sleek and stylish. This superb gadget can be your unique timepiece and a true gym accessory. Just forget those old wrist watches and switch to this a la mode gadget. Now you can keep an eye on your exercise timing and your wristband can do the […]

USB Massager


Long work schedule, fatigue and stress never allowed you to pamper your body, but we have a product which can pacify all your stress and smoothly pamper your body. If this sounds interesting then read on. Here is a small handy USB massager which can be used in your car, office or whereever you find […]

The Taiwan-based company MSI, which is well-known for its computers (mainly), has introduced its most recent portable media player: The MT-V660.
As you can see in the picture above, this device seems inspired by the Microsoft Zune HD. This PMP uses a Rockchip RK2806 chipset together with a 3.2-inch display that has a 480×320 resolution.
Videos can […]

The Sunnybag is a practical bag (or haversack) such as those that are used to carry a laptop. It is made of leather and is available in black or brown color.
The particularity of this bag is it has a large 3-watt solar panel with a Li-ion rechargeable battery, which apparently has a good efficiency since […]

The UMA HDDV-1 has an internal memory with a storage capacity of up to 128MB. Of course, if the user wants to increase this storage capacity, it can be made by using microSD cards (up to 2GB) or SDHC cards (up to 32GB).
Among other characteristics, the camera features: A weight of 320 grams, compact measures […]

Don’t be confused by the picture because although it shows a device that is quite similar to the Apple iPod Nano 5, that is only a clone.

This media player has not any specific name. It has a chromed framework and comes with a 2.2-inch LCD display. Besides, it features an internal memory of 2 Gigabytes […]

NEC is back with a couple of new short throw projectors – the NP510WS and NP610S which will come under the stable of its NP Short Throw Series. Both projectors are portable units that aim to address the needs of educational facilities and corporate applications which require a short throw distance, be it in classrooms […]

If you could use a little more desk space, as well as something to help keep items plugged in, this Desk Genie would be a big help.  It’ll hold your cellphone in an upright position, making it easier to watch videos or glance over and know who’s calling without having to stop what you’re doing.  […]

Dual USB Port Mini Charger

It’s the simple gadgets that really make life a whole lot more manageable.  This charger really isn’t much to look at, in fact it’s incredibly boring to look at.  However, the simplicity of the design is the beauty of it.
It doesn’t have 20 different bells and whistles built into it, nor does it dance, sparkle […]

Going up on a flight is fun the first few times, but getting stuck in the air for seemingly unending hours gets boring fast, especially when you and the other few hundred people are crammed in Sardine Class…er, I meant, Economy.
This tote attaches to the back of an airline seat and keeps travel necessities organized […]

Alpine Racing Sled

This is the Alpine racing sled with a built-in shock absorber that irons out bumps during rapid, downhill descents.
Designed in Germany, the sled’s corrosion-resistant, aircraft aluminum alloy frame uses a shrouded 6 1/2? spring–the same used in off-road bicycles–to significantly reduce the effect of bumps on the lower back. The wide runners have polyethylene glide […]

FlipShare TV

Cisco who has recently acquired the company behind the line of Flip Video camcorders, are now back with a brand new release for you to part with your hard earned cash this holiday season. We’re talking about a new innovation in home video sharing with the device known as FlipShare TV.
Touted to be the first […]

The LCD display that comes with the BeoVision 7-55 will be based on new direct-type LED-backlight with local dimming for greater contrast.
You will also be able to enjoy state-of-the-art features for a smooth picture performance, coupled with a sophisticated digital surround sound module, and gives you the bragging rights of being one of the few […]

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