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We all have our reasons we miss calls, for many the worst time is when they’re driving in their car.  The motor and loud music, and even in some cases noisy traffic can just drown out the sound of a cellphone.  It especially doesn’t help if you’ve got on of those ringtones that doesn’t really […]

Samsung seems to be making progress in other consumer electronics departments after making a name for itself in terms of cellphones and home appliances, with digital cameras
being their next logical step. You won’t find any noteworthy digital SLRs from the Korean giant as yet though, as the company seems poised to concentrate on compact digital […]

Is it raining cameras or what here at Coolest Gadgets? Apparently so, with a slew of Panasonic and Fujifilm digital cameras covered today, but here’s the last one for the 26th – no guarantees that tomorrow will bring more news of digital cameras, although we’re pretty sure that they over-hyped Apple iTablet will most probably […]

Having your tunes with you outside by the pool or in the hot tub is pretty cool, but any wired solution is either to much work, or to expensive. Fortunately for you, wireless speaker systems have gone down in price and going up in quality.The ZipConnect Wireless Outdoor Speakers are great for using outside, especially […]

Yet another digital camera from Panasonic today – the LUMIX DMC-ZS7 which further expands the family tree of the acclaimed superzoom ZS-Series of digital cameras that have quite a following worldwide to date. You will find that is comes with a hallmark 25mm ultra-wide-angle Leica lens, coupled to a powerful 12x optical zoom which works […]

Game Boy Advance USB Drive

The old Game Boy Advance cartridges don’t get used as much as before.  Now they find themselves in the backs of closets practically forgotten.  Well thankfully one person is giving those old cartridges some use once again.  Instead of jamming them into your Game Boy, you’ll be plugging these into the USB port of your […]

Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 desktop

Lenovo has just announced their latest desktop machine – the ThinkCentre A63 which targets small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). As with any other new desktop, you must be wondering whether it is able to add value and enhance productivity to your organization. Why not read on further to find out more about the ThinkCentre A63, and come […]

iPhone 3GS Supreme

Just when you thought that the worldwide economy has started to recover and people would be careful about their spending, along comes the $3.2 million iPhone 3GS Supreme from Goldstriker. Taking 10 months to create, it was commissioned by an “Australian gold mining magnate” – someone who clearly has tons of cash but unfortunately for […]

New Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 will take off where the hugely successful Nokia E71 left off, offering desktop-like chat experiences and email regardless of who you communicate with. Alongside a QWERTY keypad that is nimble and comfortable to type (I’m using one right now), it is also super slim unlike those Windows Mobile smartphones that tend to […]

Motorola introduces MOTOROI

We all know that cellphones in South Korea are on the advanced side of things, and it comes as no surprise as technology in that country has grown by leaps and bounds ever since the government decided to industrialize the entire nation (at least on the southern end of things). Well, today marks a new […]

Weather Station Key Ring

Knowing the weather might not be crucial if you live a pretty comfortable life in the city, but those who spend a whole lot of time in the great outdoors might find it to be an essential survival tool, knowing the kind of upcoming weather will greatly affect how far one travels, and you are […]

Put on the Apple In-Ear Headphones, select your favorite track, and
hear musical details you never knew existed. It’s almost like you’re
experiencing your music for the first time.Each earpiece contains two separate high-performance drivers — a woofer
and a tweeter — resulting in rich, detailed, and accurate sound
reproduction and amazing bass response for all types of music.
Choose […]

LG Chocolate VC8550 Black CDMA Verizon Wireless Cell Phone
Slimmer, lighter and sweeter than ever, LG updates its Chocolate slider phone to the Black VX8550 with improvements including a new metal navigation wheel (which traces your finger’s movement with a small light), vibrating touch keypad, and the ability to run the music player in the […]

Sony Ericsson W995 Review

The connectivity of the W995 phone is great.
The phone supports the stereo audio profile bluetooth profile (A2DP) which makes it easy for you to stream music and sound from the phone to an A2DP compatible headset using bluetooth technology.
It also support WLAN 802.11b and 802.11g networks and not only that it also supports DLNA making […]

Nokia E61i, designed specifically for extensive mobile email usage, provides advanced attachment handling with on-the-device document editing. The Nokia E61i features a roomier QWERTY keyboard and adds a 2-megapixel camera. The Symbian smart phone offers integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and robust e-mail options. In addition, the Quickoffice and Nokia Team Office suites are handy tools for […]

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