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I remember jamming an adapter into my tape deck years ago to make it possible to play CDs in my beat up first car.  Of course I had the really bad portable CD player, the one that whenever you hit a bump it made the song skip.  Now if you own a car that doesn’t […]

The iHome iP49 Portable Rechargeable Audio System for iPhone and iPod is the latest speaker dock to hit the market, as if there aren’t enough of these running around the market already. This will be a first for iHome in terms of it being a portable offering from the newly minted Studio Series which offers […]

This must be one of (if not the) coolest spy gadgets I’ve ever reported on. It’s sort of a cross between a USB memory stick and a GPS receiver and what it does is store where ever you take it on the flash memory. The Portable GPS Tracker is pretty small so you could either […]

I know what this looks like. You’re probably thinking that: “Oh no, it is a Star Wars/Terminator/Matrix/Battlestar Galactica/any other science fiction franchise robot that is designed to take out enemies. Are the humans its next target?”
Actually, from what I have been reading from my sources, this robot, also known as “Pincher” is designed to disable […]

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

Here I thought that the Pyramat Sound Chair was the ultimate gaming chair, but I was wrong. Very wrong.That title definitely goes to the Ultimate Game Chair. The name really gets the point across, eh?This chair is packed with features. To start off, there are 12 vibration motors throughout the chair that are synchronized with […]

KODAK is old hat when it comes to the world of photography, and they are constantly on the lookout to innovate on their products and services. We’re pleased to announce that the company now offers a new line of cameras that will certainly spruce up any wedding, thanks to the KODAK Wedding Single Use Camera […]

Dust bunnies tend to congregate even with a short amount of time whenever you are not around, or having gone off for a really long holiday. Unfortunately, with this Star Trek TNG Dustbuster Hand Phaser Prop Replica, it will not even suck after you throw down a cool $499.99 for it, making this one for […]

It was almost a throwaway line in Nvidia CEO’s Jen-Hsun Huang’s Computex presentation about the future of graphics technology, but I caught it. Huang announced that Sony’s new Alpha interchangeable lens cameras would now be part of Nvidia’s 3D Vision ecosystem, enabling users to take 3D still images and view them on their PCs.  Fuji […]

If you’re a “Monkish” sort of person and compulsively clean everything around you, this may not be news. But the rest of us might be in for a big surprise. According to the good folks at VIOlight, the average mobile phone is literally covered in germs and is likely dirtier than any other surface in […]

Sony has decided to make it possible to enjoy your portable gadgets even longer than normal while you’re away from home.  The small power supply gives your USB chargeable devices a little bit of a boost.  Just pick up this USB Portable Power Supply and you won’t have to run home nearly as often to […]