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If you want to hone your skills as one, then you would definitely need to obtain a license, but prior to that, attend lessons and be proficient at it. Of course, there are others among us who fly helicopters without a license – simply because we’re using remote controlled helicopters that are “commanded” using I/R […]


There is nothing that I love more than a good Jabra Bluetooth product, and the EASYCALL lives up to its name.
I will have to say that this Bluetooth headset was the fastest to pair that I have ever tried. Normally, there is like a half-minute delay when turning the headest on to […]


BlueAnt’s signature is their range of wireless devices, more often than not using Bluetooth technology to have them “talk” to other compatible devices while eliminating the presence of wires in your life. Well, perhaps the boffins over at BlueAnt figured out that there is a market for wired devices, which is […]


V-MODA’s latest foray into the world of headphones would be the high-fidelity in-ear headphones, and just what kind of technology does it pack? Well, we will look at it in further detail right after the jump, but before that, we will proceed with further pleasantries concerning the headphones. Boasting silver bullet styling, “supernatural” sound and […]

Cadence 4-Bit Steel Watch

 You know how the ladies love their handbags and shoes to bits and can never get enough of them? Well, guys have their interest in some form of bling as well, and more often than not they come in the guise of watches. Yes sir, those expensive timepieces that you have always peered through the […]

Darkfin Gloves

Ever wondered how it would feel like if you had the ability of Michael Phelps? OK, so his star has been fading the past few years since his feats at the Olympics, but that doesn’t mean you can just outswim the man at your whim and fancy right now. Perhaps you need some help, and […]

While I was at E3, I got a chance to see Nox Audio and their products. Their latest and greatest aren’t coming out until later, but I had a chance to try out the Scout and the Specialist.
The Scout is essentially a pair of earbuds that “sets the standard for audio performance”. The Scout allows […]

ReCover iPhone 4 Case

Your iPhone 4 might be so 2010, but that doesn’t mean you can bring it back to the days of past gizmos to help it remember the hottest portable devices of yore? Basically, what we’re asking you to do is not step into a time machine, but to purchase the £12.99 ReCover iPhone 4 Case […]

How many of you own a speaker system at home, be it hooked up to your home theater setup, or being connected to your desktop/notebook? Well, safe to say that for the majority of you out there, these speaker systems will need some sort of cable to connect to a power outlet, as that is […]

Modern day devices are able to perform a whole lot of tasks, but there is still one major drawback to think about – the lack of battery life. Yes sir, your smartphone might be able to help you arrive at an unfamiliar destination, check the weather, surf the Internet, reply your emails, perform your online […]