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All New Nokia Lumia 800


It seems that initial impressions of the device have proved to be rather positive, letting it fall under the category of feeling better in real life than what it looks like on screenshots and online images. We will take a closer look at the Nokia Lumia 800 in the extended post.
Coming in a polycarbonate body […]

X95 Gamecom


Some of you might remember our review of the Gamecom 777 from Plantronics, and I got a chance to try out the Gamecom X95 for the Xbox 360.
The purpose of the Gamecom X95 is so that Xbox players can go with wireless headphones. What happens is the wireless transmitter connects via USB to the Xbox […]


Logitech seems to be doing a lot of wonders with wireless technology, like the Wireless Headset that I reviewed a few weeks ago.
Now they have the Wireless Boombox, which I also got a chance to try out. There are some portable speakers that produce some real kickin’ sound that can really rock a room. The […]


If you are an audiophile, then surely you would know that high quality speakers offer great sounding music – it is only natural to be so. Of course, most high quality speakers are also large in size, but the $29.99 Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker might just surprise you as this is a unique, pocket-sized powerful […]

The Nokia Lumia 800 might be the flagship Windows Phone handset for Nokia when it rolls out, but if you are on a tight budget and want to give Windows Phone a chance and yet do not know where to start, who do you turn to? Some say that you need not look elsewhere, as […]


It appears that the new Xbox LIVE update, which will introduce support for the new XGD3 disk format, might prevent a very small number of Xbox 360 owners from playing retail game discs.
Kotaku were contacted by a reader who received an email from Microsoft informing him that it had detected via Xbox LIVE that his […]


When we talk about going green, the usual suspects tend to come into mind – electric or hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and the lesser known Honda Insight. Apart from that there are also items such as solar powered devices ranging from phones to netbooks, but how about timepieces? Of course, one could […]


The nano third generation series just got smaller and better. The nano now features video playback and is stylized to suit every personality.
Some of its fetures include
1. A large 2-inch bright display with the most pixels per inch of any apple display ever.
2. Playback time of up to 5 hours of video or up to […]

Although it is nice to have 3D capability of sorts ‘out of the box’ there are those who are more interested in the fluid 2D experience that the 120Hz refresh rate can offer – and they end up paying over the odds for features which are surplus to their requirements. Unfortunately for people in that […]


If you aren’t familiar with Camera 3.0, think of it this way: Camera 1.0 would be film, Camera 2.0 is digital photography, and this Lytro camera that you see in the picture would be the third version of photography.
In case you are wondering, these Lytro cameras are not the small size of lipsticks that it […]


Just how many Galaxy Tabs are there out in the market at the moment? It is a question that certainly warrants an answer considering how Samsung loves to lump an entire family’s worth of devices under a single name. Well, we do know that it all started off with the original 7? Galaxy Tab that […]

New HTC EVO With 4G


The HTC EVO family has just gotten larger – thanks to the introduction of the HTC EVO Design 4G. Making its way to the market via Sprint, this will be the first EVO family member that boasts of World Phone capabilities. Of course, being able to use this phone just about anywhere you go in […]

The Debut of a New Technology - EXR CMOS
In pursuing for the ultimate image technology, Fujifilm has developed a unique collaboration, the EXR CMOS, optimizing the best of EXR and CMOS imagining technologies. See for yourself the dynamic resolution and its brilliant speed, opening a new door to another era in photography.
New Advances in RP […]


Though it’s slightly more expensive than competing inkjet workhorses, they recommend the Epson WorkForce 845 for its refined design and Epson’s Connect cloud-printing portfolio.
The Epson WorkForce 845 is the company’s latest flagship all-in-one printer for medium to large offices that need a multifunction device for printing a high volume of documents, photos, and presentations. The […]


Looks like Rolex have caught the bug, like so many others before them. They just can’t get enough of Rolex watches. That’s why they are making one the subject of today’s article – their third Rolex watch review! They really are spoiling you for choice with all of these great luxury watches, don’t you think?
Besides, […]

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