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Additional USB ports, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and RJ 45 are also embedded into this sparkly laptop.
These sparkly crystal-studded Samsung Series 9 laptops were first displayed by QVC at the IFA last year. Finally, the date has arrived when gadget fans get to place their orders. However the final product price is yet to […]


Google has certainly made a whole lot of people hungry with their creative naming convention to depict the different operating system upgrades that they have rolled out so far. In order not to bore you with a long story, Android 2.1 was known as Eclair, while Android 2.2 Froyo proved to be rather delicious. Android […]

LG Optimus Vu arrives Soon


Just where do you think the line should be drawn when it comes to a small tablet as opposed to a smartphone with a really large display size? Well, Samsung broke new boundaries with their Samsung Galaxy Note, offering 5.3” of viewing goodness to the masses, and I do not suppose that LG intends to […]


We took a look at the LG Optimus Vu yesterday, and here we are with yet another smartphone from the South Korean consumer electronics giant – the LG Optimus LTE Tag. Just what does the LG Optimus LTE Tag bring to the table? Well, this is the first High Definition LTE smartphone in […]


For all you trigger-happy photographers out there, this piece of news is sure to bring a smile to your faces. Olympus, known for its wide range of excellent cameras and visual accessories, recently announced its line of Micro Four Thirds cameras aimed at replacing the conventional DSLR cameras and the first model of the new […]

Apple truly changed the way we looked at tablets with the release of their iPad, and I would safely venture out to say that the iPad proved to be the death knell for netbooks. After all, how many folks do you know still tote around netbooks with the tablet market growing so rapidly? Of course, […]


Nokia has been given a new lease of life in their partnership with Microsoft, bringing the Windows Phone operating system to the forefront with their Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 smartphones, while relegating Symbian to the back seat. The former will continue to grow in stature, while the latter is set to be more and […]

Features Of this Speaker :
 360-degree sound
The speakers project sound evenly in all directions, so you get a great listening experience throughout the room.What is 360-degree sound?
Natural acoustics
It reproduces realistic sound thanks to its amplified, two-way design.
26 watts (RMS) of power
It’s loud enough for a party—and detailed enough to let you hear subtle tones. Watt? Learn […]


Bored with the same old “thin” cameras making the rounds in the techie circles right now? Want something different? Well, here’s an ideal solution to your dilemma. Pentax recently launched its second compact camera and this one doesn’t disappoint.
Conceptualized by internationally renowned Australian designer, Marc Newson, the K-01 compact camera blends bold and unique styling […]


This piece of news is sure to excite all you gadget enthusiasts as well as adrenaline junkies. Sony Ericsson, the London based cellphone manufacturing company had recently announced its plans to enter into a partnership with the surf-inspired youth lifestyle brand, Billabong and now the result is out for all to see – the Xperia […]


Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V is a new smartphone with a catch, as it actually closely resembles the Xperia Neo. The Xperia Play of the company was not the only new handset, which it revealed at Mobile World Congress. The media centric and sleek Xperia Neo V also had their official coming out party in […]


Product Features
What makes this Android tablet PC keyboard case so special? Well, for starters it’s stylishly designed from all-black hand-made leatherette.
Product Description
What makes this Android tablet PC keyboard case so special? Well, for starters it’s stylishly designed from all-black hand-made leatherette. It effectively protects your tablet from damage due to scratches or accidental drops. And […]

Case-Mate iPhone 5


We have reported on Case-Mate before, and they make cases for a lot of mobile gadgets. A few months ago, we reported on Case-Mate’s contribution to the iPad 2.
It would appear that Case-Mate is trying to be current, and they might have jumped the gun. Case-Mate accidentally posted their cases for the iPhone 5 earlier […]


You know that times are extremely hard these days especially on the economic front, and it makes perfect sense for us to look out for value-for-money bargains. HDTVs are dime a dozen in the market, and with more and more players entering the game, the industry has gotten a whole lot more competitive. Well, Sceptre […]


Another string of iPhone 5 related rumors surfaced. As per the reports, the iPhone 5 will feature quad-core qualcom processor and boast even larger than four-inches and different form from previous model. The final specifications of iPhone haven’t been revealed and the company has not yet decided with its plenty of prototypes, which […]

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