The Samsung NX300 camera that is all set to make its first appearance at the CES next week, is said to be capable of offering improved performance and connectivity options. The South Korean manufacturer has also introduced the 45mm F1.8 2D/3D lens to facilitate capturing 3D 1080p HD videos as well as still shots.

This new camera from Samsung will bring in new features of taking pictures. It is a beast with 20.1 MP lenses and mirror less of course. You can record 1080 HD videos at 60 frames per second. The NX300 is replacement to NX210.

A switch on the lens flips an extra shutter into the path of the light through the lens. The shutter has two sides, allowing the single lens to act as if it were two, offset from each other by a short distance.

When you snap a shot in 3-D, the camera looks quickly through one side of the front lens and records an image. It then switches quickly to the other side to record another exposure of the same subject from a slightly different angle.

The i-Function system of the device with i-Depth lets users adjust parameters from the lens itself. Drenched in shades of black or white, it arrives with built-in Wi-Fi for transferring content to smartphones or tablets, but with the help of the Samsung Smart Camera app. It is embedded with a one-touch Direct Link hot key for uploading images to social networking websites from the snapper itself. Prospective customers can also make use of the AllShare Play function to save images to the cloud.