The Lytro Camera which is based upon the light field technology has been made available by Snapdeal, with its starting price in India chalked out at Rs. 39,999. Two variants, with 8GB and 16GB capacities can be purchased, with the former even coming with the options of two colors – electric blue and graphite. The 16GB model is a red colored one, and has its cost pinned down at Rs. 47,999. At the moment, Snapdeal is the only Indian retailer to be selling the device.

The price of Lytro camera in India starts from INR 39,999 (8 GB) and 16GB is priced at INR 47999.

The Lytro camera also enables users to refocus the photographs as many times as they wish and one can also interactively change their point of view in a picture after having captured the shot.

The aluminum casing helps this device keep its weight steady at 214 grams. Its dimensions read 41mm x 41mm x 112mm, and its back-lit LCD touchscreen is a 1.52-inch one. This display comprises access to a number of its features that include adding special filters, changing the settings and more. Its lens is able to proffer 8x optical zoom, whereas its F-number stays constant at f/2. For such a snapper, 8GB worth of storage is enough for hoarding a total of 350 living pictures, claims the company.