Immerse yourself in your music and enjoy an around-ear fit that stays comfortable for hours. The advanced product design and durable materials contribute to lasting quality. The fold-flat design and carry bag provide for easier storage and transport.

Gone are the days when listening to music was restricted to accommodating bulky audio solutions in space-limited corners or carrying along a heavy pair of headphones. If music-oriented peripherals have turned wise with time so have their makers. And for this, Bose couldn’t have been a better illustrator. Be it car audio, noise canceling headphones, or some personalized amplification system, the company has shared a good experience with this. This time, the company drops the new Bose AE2 audio headphones onto our desks to receive a brief report on its performance. Here we go with our drilling review to mark whether this cool pair of headphones deceives music buffs with good performance or is all about good looks.

Without glancing over Bose’s mastery in creating noise cancellation headphones which come straight from the QuietComfort series, let’s have a look at its trail on headphones minus the noise elimination quality. Opening the box leaves us with a dashing pair of headphones lying sturdily in an impressive position. A quick manual partners the review unit to boast of its surpassing features and how Bose technology makes a difference.

Those with sharp memory would remember that the Bose AE2 was initially called as TriPort. The headphones sport a basic, pleasant design with clear pattern changes. We could easily fold the device just like the noise canceling models from the maker, so nothing new gets counted on that front. Appreciating the soft ear cushions for around-ear fit came natural to us while running through the unit.