The fastest multi-tasker has arrived! Pre-loaded with hundreds of exciting applications, this one is no less than a revolution in the tablet market. Super-sleek and powered by the Android OS, it lets you make the most of its features, all at the same time!

For the price it carries, the Reliance 3G Tab is nowhere near a cheap looking device, we must say. Sporting a decent exterior, it employs a 7-inch TFT capacitive display with multi-touch capabilities. Just below the screen you will find a row of touch buttons (not backlit) – Home, Menu and Back. Scrutinizing the front surface further you’ll also find the light sensor, indicator and VGA front facing camera while the backside shows a mediocre 2MP camera. The edges of the Tab are kept minimalist and uncluttered with speakers, 3.5mm jack, mini USB port, volume control and on/off switch.

Its 7” (17.8cm) high resolution screen of 1024 * 600 pixels gives you brighter and sharper images and its 5 point touch capability gives you an unmatched touch experience.

Most of us would agree that an essential feature of a tablet is its display screen. This does not restrict to screen quality but how well it responds to your fingertips. Reliance gave us dicey results here. The 7-inch multi-touch display on this device packs in 480 x 800 pixel resolution and it also managed to follow our finger commands quite effortlessly initially. However, there were several instances when more than a couple of swipes were required.