Look no further than the SP/ Silicon Marvel M60, for experiencing the ultimate high speed USB 3.0 flash drive! Leading memory storage brand SP/Silicon Power today introduces its highest read/write speed USB 3.0 flash drive to date, the Marvel M60. The product hits a new milestone among SP USB 3.0 flash drive series by giving a read capability of up to 100/MB/sec. Encased in a uniquely designed, metallic exterior, the Marvel M60 is the consumer’s choice, both inside and out!

Sans any ostentatious packaging, it seems like the flash drive wants its performance to do all the talking. Wrapped in a simple package, the device confidently shows off its stylish form factor through the transparent plastic on the front side while its features are jotted down on the flip side. Well, that’s about it. Not that we were expecting anything more in the packet but an accompanying USB cable would do no harm. Now what sits in our hands comfortably is the sturdy Marvel M60 USB 3.0 flash drive of capacity 32GB.

Silicon Power was kind enough to provide me a sample of the Marvel M60 32GB USB3 flash drive for this review. The Marvel M60 series comes in two capacities, 32GB and 64GB. So now it’s time to start this review.

The LED indicator on the front side of the device flashes blue light as soon as we connect it to a system. The drive measuring 73mm x 22mm x 9mm tips the scale at 15 grams. While these measurements leave no doubts about the portability of the device, its packet confidently announces the lifetime warranty which takes care of all questions regarding the durability. As it sports a pull-out design, all possibilities of losing the cap are eliminated and its slider seems sturdy enough to last long. To add to it, the drive meets all guidelines laid down by RoHS and is CE FC certified.