Gone are the days when listening to music was restricted to accommodating bulky audio solutions in space-limited corners or carrying along a heavy pair of headphones. If music-oriented peripherals have turned wise with time so have their makers. And for this, Bose couldn’t have been a better illustrator. Be it car audio, noise canceling headphones, or some personalized amplification system, the company has shared a good experience with this. This time, the company drops the new Bose AE2 audio headphones onto our desks to receive a brief report on its performance. Here we go with our drilling review to mark whether this cool pair of headphones deceives music buffs with good performance or is all about good looks.

Bose has meticulously presented a fold-flat design which soothed us to fold it whenever a thought to take a break from listening crossed our mind. A bit to dismay, the pair of headphones doesn’t integrate noise canceling feature. But it does provide a sealed fit and blocks out ambient noise to leak through, something music enthusiasts have to appreciate about. The Bose AE2 is surpassingly comfortable with Bose’s plush, black earpads made of leather. Incredibly lightweight, the model can indeed be a perfect travel buddy to stamp out those drudging hours. As far as wearing the solution is concerned, full marks expeditiously slip away from our hands. If we say ‘Bose has literally defined the word comfort,’ we shouldn’t be pinned down on that front.

Designed to harmonize with style admirers’ closet, the distinctively carved out earcups of the headphones come in an oval shape which certainly looks good when on the ears. With ‘Bose’ inscribed on each earcup, the rim of the same has been tinged with silver which quite a lot keeps sophistication factor high for consumers. The rest of the body, on the other hand, maintains a decent look with color black stretched out throughout the structure. Admittedly, the inner speakers of the device are meticulously covered with a netted cloth, coercing us to think about Bose’s dedication toward following ‘everything matters.’