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The magic is in the 360-degree hinge, which allows you to use your iPad in laptop form or bend it all the way around to any angle. The Crux360 is made entirely from matte black plastic. The only discernible differences between the Crux and the ClamCase are a cutout on the back, exposing the iPad’s back, and a few minor Crux flourishes sprinkled throughout.

The CruxSkunk recently completed a successful funding run on Kickstarter, exceeding its $90,000 goal to hit $248,615. It’s now in production and should be available in January. The $99 Crux360 has been out for a while already, and you have a chance to get one for free! How do you go about doing that? There are a few rules, so please read carefully; there will be a test.

Instead of island or chiclet style keys like we’ve seen on most other folio options, the Crux360’s keyboard is a faithful recreation of traditional sculpted keys with flat tops and slightly sloped sides. Even the proportions of the keys closely resemble those found on laptops like older ThinkPads. But where that style worked fine on full-sized setups, the Crux360’s keyboard is a bit too cramped for my taste. In testing, I had to keep my fingers tightly together to stay accurate, which proved to be less comfortable than my experience with the chiclet keys on the Logitech Ultrathin and Solar Keyboard Folio. After a day of use, though, I got acclimated to the keyboard and could type quickly and accurately. There’s also a dedicated row of Function keys for media control and commands like cut, copy, and paste.