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Riley is a robot whose “face” is a camera, and its body is built like a little tank. Most crowdfunding projects are a bit iffy since you never quite know what the finished product is going to be.
The grippy treads that will get Riley from place to place can handle going up steep […]

For a lot of people the 9-5 grind seems like a dream come true compared to the workload they normally face. Oftentimes you’ll get business calls while walking down the street, on vacation, or out at a bar after hours. You can’t ignore it, because every time you don’t pick up you’re ruining yourself further […]

Orcinus Orchestral Digital Grand Piano happens to obtain its curved, sleek design from the graceful yet powerful form of the Orcinus orca. One of the reasons as to why it costs so much is because it has been handmade in the United Kingdom in order to suit individual preference, ranging from […]

Last-minute holiday shopping bringing you down? The good news is that there’s plenty of gadgets out there to suit every personality type, from the health nut to the foodie and the outdoor enthusiast. If you want something new, something cool, and something techie, then look no further.
1. Health nut
Price: $70
This simple home-monitoring device connects to […]

3D printing is all the rage. You can hit a button on your computer, which sends a file to a printer, which produces a small 3D object out of plastic. It’s a cool technology, but it’s not exactly a hands-on way to make things.
Enter the 3Doodler, the pen that turns you into the 3D printer. The $99 […]

Samsung has unveiled yet another variant of its Galaxy Core smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Core Mini 4G G3568V, in China. The smartphone is listed on Samsung’s China website without price. As of now, Samsung hasn’t revealed its plans to launch the Galaxy Core Mini in more markets. The single-SIM Samsung Galaxy Core Mini 4G according to the […]

New tablet computers from Samsung will feature screens that are richer in color than standard LCDs.
These screens, known as AMOLED for active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes, are already found in smartphones made by Samsung and a few other manufacturers. But until now, tablets haven’t used them because larger AMOLED screens are more difficult to produce.
Samsung Electronics Co. […]

Motorola’s Moto range of handsets has been ringing cash bells for the company. However, one of the biggest qualms with the popular Moto E, Moto G and Moto X handsets is that none of them sport a full-HD display. However, a new round of speculation sparked by a full-HD screenshot shared by a Motorola executive may indicate something is in […]

Lenovo on Tuesday launched the Vibe Z smartphone for the Indian market at Rs. 35,999, which it had first revealed back in November.
The Vibe Z will be available later this month in India. The smartphone made its international debut last month during the Consumer Electronics Show with a February availability announced for various countries like […]

LG has finally announced the launch of its much-awaited G Flex curved display smartphone in India. The South Korean major has confirmed that the LG G Flex will be hitting the Indian stores starting Thursday. In early February, LG had listed the G Flex smartphone on the company’s official India site with the same price, and no availability. Notably, […]

Google took the wraps off its new red Nexus 5 on Tuesday and the phone is now available on Google Play store India at Rs. 28,999 (16GB). The Google Play store India notes that the red Nexus 5 is in stock and will leave warehouse in 1 to 2 business days. The 32GB red Nexus 5 is available for […]

Latest Vaio is a premium convertible that quite literally flips between laptop and tablet mode whenever you want. Many companies have attempted to create devices that offer the best of both worlds, and we’ve seen devices that come apart into two pieces, twist, flip, bend all the way around, and generally require the user to […]

Oppo has entered the Indian market with the launch of its flagship smartphone, the N1 (16GB) at Rs. 39,999. The company has announced that its first smartphone in India will be initially available in 12 cities, including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai among others.
The company unveiled the Oppo N1 globally in September last year. Oppo N1 comes […]

Micromax has announced the launch of its Russia operations in partnership with VVP Group - one of the leading distribution companies in the country. The popular domestic handset maker has announced that it will be launching 14 Bolt and Canvas series smartphones in the initial phase.
The company said it is also targeting to be among […]

Nokia recently expanded its range of low-end Asha handset models by introducing Nokia Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503 models, which are expected have a great potential in the Indian market.
While Nokia Asha 500 and Asha 502 models have been available in the Indian market for a while now for around Rs. 4,499 and Rs. 5,969 respectively, the firm has […]

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