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One-touch (NFC) pairing
Multipoint enabled to connect more than one phone at the same time
Bluetooth media enabled for listening to navigation directions, radio and music
HD voice enabled for crystal clear handsfree calling
Optimal call quality
Universally compatible with any Bluetooth® enabled phone, tablet or computer

General Specifications

Approx. 54mm x 13mm x 10mm

Approx. 9.2g

Power, Volume, Answer call

Handsfree v1.6, A2DP v1.2, […]

Last-minute holiday shopping bringing you down? The good news is that there’s plenty of gadgets out there to suit every personality type, from the health nut to the foodie and the outdoor enthusiast. If you want something new, something cool, and something techie, then look no further.
1. Health nut
Price: $70
This simple home-monitoring device connects to […]

Virtual Reality is getting closer and closer to becoming an actual reality thanks to the development of the Oculus Rift?VR headset. The Rift was launched via Kickstarter in 2012 and the first developer prototypes were shipped in 2013. The Rift Development Kit 2 followed this year and using the device was a largely impressive experience. […]

Xiaomi ‘Mi In-the-Ear Headset’

Xiaomi might be making headlines in India for its smartphones, the Mi 3 abd Rednu 1S, but the Chinese manufacturer products are not just limited to handsets.
After introducing the Mi Flip Cover and Mi Screen Protector Guard for the Mi 3 smartphone, as well as two new power banks, the company has now launched the […]

Logitech’s ‘backlit’

Logitech makes some of our favorite keyboards for desktops,mobile devices, and tablets, so it’s no surprise that its latest Bluetooth model also looks like a winner. It’s lightweight, relatively comfortable to use, pairs easily with multiple devices and, yes, unlike most other portable keyboards, has backlit keys. “‘It’s reasonably priced, it’s backlit, and the easy-switching function for […]

The ECOROX is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can not only survive a quick dip in the pool, it can hang out in there, blasting your favorite tunes for hours. This set of 6 watt stereo speakers is housed in a waterproof body, and designed to float beside you. Just pair it with your smartphone […]


For those of you who do have a passing interest in each new model of a particular Bluetooth headset or device, here is something that might tickle your fancy – the Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth mono headset, which is touted to be the first of its kind that will come with Active Noise Cancellation technology which […]


This tiny black box is the SPAR Zephyr 300 Bluetooth speakerphone, and it is designed to be a wireless speaker that is about the size (but not thickness of) a smartphone.
So if you are looking for a way to take the music off a Bluetooth compatible device and make it more…public, then this is one […]


With the advent of the iPhone 4S Siri, there are probably going to be more people talking to their phone than ever before. You might as well get yourself a good Bluetooth headset like the Sound ID SIX.
The SIX seems to take a cue from the Jawbone with its clear carbon design. The one button […]


BlueAnt has made a very big boast, as they claim that the Q2 is “the best sounding Bluetooth headset ever built”.
I don’t know if it is safe to say that, but the Q2 does have some great things going for it. The Q2 has some really high quality speakers that were precision tuned and tested […]


I have tried out some interesting Bluetooth headphones before, and it is good to see that companies are putting out high-quality headphones at relatively low prices. The Nu Force BT-860 headphones that I recently tried out falls into that category.
The BT-860 uses aptX audio coding technology for its quality sound, and it has the “impressive […]


Jabra is an old hand when it comes to Bluetooth headsets as well as devices, but that does not mean the company should rest on their laurels. No sir, in fact Jabra always pushes the envelope – and their latest release, the SUPREME Bluetooth mono headset, is no different from its ‘ancestors’. What makes the […]


We have reported on Case-Mate before, and they make cases for a lot of mobile gadgets. A few months ago, we reported on Case-Mate’s contribution to the iPad 2.
It would appear that Case-Mate is trying to be current, and they might have jumped the gun. Case-Mate accidentally posted their cases for the iPhone 5 earlier […]

I would say that when we talk about the 21st century as well as towards the end of the 1990s, many people were optimistic that we would soon move into a true blue wireless and paperless age, but judging by what I see at the moment, it seems as though that is not going to […]

Phone, keys, wallet. Discovering that you’re missing any of these three items could easily trigger a panic attack, yet they’re all so easy to misplace. How many times have you spent twenty minutes looking for keys that were buried between the couch cushions? The Cobra Tag may help you win that losing battle. Acting as […]

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