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Weather Station Keychain

Instead of having to wait until you’re around a computer to check the news, now you can have a keychain to help you out.  Sure, those of you who have smart phones can always check the weather while you’re on the go, but for those that don’t this is an affordable solution.  It’ll keep you […]

Lately I’ve been thinking of replacing my wall clock and going for something completely different and with this Canvas Clock that’s exactly what I’ve found.  Printed onto a pretty white canvas is nothing more than a clock.  However, instead of purely being an image like it initially appears, it actually tells you the current time.  […]

Weather Station Key Ring

Knowing the weather might not be crucial if you live a pretty comfortable life in the city, but those who spend a whole lot of time in the great outdoors might find it to be an essential survival tool, knowing the kind of upcoming weather will greatly affect how far one travels, and you are […]

Those of you that enjoy your Stanley tools might not mind that this watch is incredibly bulky.  It’s said to have some convenient perks to it.  One of which being that they managed to fit a small flashlight on the watch.  Which means this is either a really big watch or a really tiny flashlight […]

Having access to football information when there isn’t a radio, TV, or internet around can be a tricky situation. One of the options is to ask someone the score of a game, but in case you are home alone, it is impossible to do so, in the end you keep wondering if your team lost […]

Just by glancing at this small clock radio, it makes it appear as if it’s an incredibly complicated device.  However, despite all of those dials, it’s a pretty basic clock.  It lets you know the time just like every other clock and can even play the radio.  It just happens to look interesting while it […]

Wristband Watch

Check out this cool wristband watch, which is both sleek and stylish. This superb gadget can be your unique timepiece and a true gym accessory. Just forget those old wrist watches and switch to this a la mode gadget. Now you can keep an eye on your exercise timing and your wristband can do the […]

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this alarm clock and weather monitor projects the current time and outdoor temperature onto your ceiling or wall in large, easy-to-read digits. A built-in sensor detects ambient light and activates the large LCD’s backlighting for a clear view.
 Shows time, alarm, temperature at the three included sensors’ locations, and weather forecast […]

OXO ® Digital Timer

OXO ® streamlined digital timer makes it easy to keep on top of recipes and other tasks for up to 100 hours. Easy-read, angled face has an LCD read-out and intuitive keypad with soft-touch buttons.
LCD automatically reverts to clock read-out when not in use. Non-slip base grips […]

The Flying Alarm Clock

The Flying Alarm Clock wakes you up with a loud shrieking alarm coupled with a little propeller-driven key that leaps off your nightstand. To turn off the horrible racket, you have to get out of bed and retrieve the key. The propeller flies the key high into the air and off into some dusty corner. […]

Hard drive clock

Why not take a different approach this year by getting something techy and help keep the environment clean at the same time? The Hard Drive Desk Clock fits the bill perfectly as it uses parts from a recycled network server hard drive equipped with a quartz clock motor for accurate timekeeping.