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New Delhi: Mobile handset major Micromax has unveiled two new low-cost devices, with prices starting at Rs 699, as it targets consumers looking for affordable devices as back-ups to their smartphones.The first device — Joy X-1800 — has a 1.76 inch screen, 750 mAh battery, 0.08MP camera, expandable memory up to 4GB and Radio FM. […]

Here we are with the $129.99 Iron Man ArtFX Statue that would arrive in the form of an extremely detailed Mark XLII armor, sporting LED lighting in the Arc Reactor/Unibeam, eyes, and repulsor areas. Of course, it goes without saying that this is an officially licensed Marvel collectible, so do not fret and wonder whether […]

A mounting accessory, it’s designed to attach a spare case onto your PS3 controller, allowing you to put your Android phone right on top it.  That way, you can turn your Samsung Galaxy 4 (or whatever phone you’re using) into a proper handheld gaming device, letting you use real analog sticks and buttons to play […]

You’re about to lose your temper over a tech support call that’s dragging on when you look down at your wrist and see a reminder of your mortality. Maybe you should spend your limited time feeling happy, rather than pissed off, you think. This little wake-up call comes courtesy of Tikker, a watch that counts […]

Theta is a unique device, but 360-degree images have limited appeal, and the fact that you (and your friends) will need to download a dedicated app just to view them without distortion doesn’t help to seal the deal. Still, we’re always up for trying out something new, and we’re guessing you might be a bit […]

The ECOROX is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can not only survive a quick dip in the pool, it can hang out in there, blasting your favorite tunes for hours. This set of 6 watt stereo speakers is housed in a waterproof body, and designed to float beside you. Just pair it with your smartphone […]

New 3d Printer

The $1,300 Desktop 3D Printer might actually change your mind when you take a look at it. This unique Desktop 3D Printer has already picked up the gong from Popular Mechanic for the Breakthrough Award category, where it is capable of delivering exact, three-dimensional reproductions of objects.
To ensure that you will not be out of […]

Samsung has finally joined the battle with the new Samsung Galaxy Gear, a ‘companion device’ for the new Galaxy Note 3 and other Galaxy devices.In simple terms this new ‘smartwatch’ piggybacks your existing smartphone but puts a lot of the functions on your wrist where it’s arguable that you need them most. But it’s more […]

Smart Body Analyzer

This fitness gadget not only measures your weight, it also calculates the amount of fat you’re saddled with, plus keeps tabs on your heart rate.The Body Analyzer, which goes on sale March 20 for $149.95, even sniffs the air for carbon dioxide levels in an effort to monitor ambient air quality. Another indication of the […]

We have a few go-to items that we always keep around like our phones, e-readers, and laptops. While they make some aspect so our lives easier, the transition between them can be a bit difficult. Take playing a round of League of Legends for example.When you’re playing, you can’t very well pause the game and […]

High Density Neodymium magnet (300KJ/M3) Provides powerful and clear sound, Type Open air dynamic/ Driver units 10mm, dome type Power handling.
QHMPL introduces the QHM557 Stereo Earphone. The ergonomic ear-band design features a Soft clothe sponge that makes it comfortable for long time usage and comformtable ear holder for extra grip and great contact with ear. […]

This beautiful and compact Ducasso Black Boy speaker can do much more than an ordinary speaker; it has an FM Radio player and an Alarm Clock in-built in it. Radio has never really gone out of vogue. So if you’re also a person who loves to tune into the Radio then Ducasso Black Boy Speaker […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, a new computing device worn like a wristwatch, is certain to pique much curiosity when it starts being worn in public. The intensely black rectangular screen and orange strap on the wrist of a Samsung executive immediately caught my eye as she entered a corporate meeting room to give a preview of […]

The Sony Smart Watch 2 is a wrist-mounted notifications and app companion for any Android smartphone. (£149)
Key Features:
* 3-7 days battery life
* Bluetooth 3.0
* Water resistant
* Replaceable wrist-strap
* Calls, emails, music, many other apps
The Sony SmartWatch 2 is the Japanese tech giant’s latest attempt to get you to wear an Android thingy on your wrist, […]

iPad Toilets

CES is a bizarre proposition: thousands of people trying to digest news from thousands of exhibitors sandwiched between casinos, all punctuated by taxi rides narrated by the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter voice of Steve Wynn. And there are random bursts of heavy metal music.
Add to that ginormous booths, loud booths, babe-filled booths, swag-filled booths, and even booths with nothing […]

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