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If you are rocking to a Mac machine, then chances are you would have plenty of media stored on it, let alone data of your work and what not. Well, making a backup is always important as you can never quite tell when disaster in the guise of Murphy will strike, so choosing the right […]


This must be my day for reviewing chargers, as you can see two posts ago the mCube Slim 95. that one was 95 Watts of power, but the Kensington AbsolutePower Laptop, Phone, and Tablet Charger provides 100 Watts.
There is another big difference between the aforementioned two products. The mCube is good for charging two devices, […]


A very sleek, durable and compact phone charger and inbuilt torch with 4 flash indications. This charger is highly portable, charges phones very quickly, easy to operate and carry.
1. Recharging worldwide via USB anywhere, anytime
2. Portable rechargeable torch with 1W LED
3. Extra Bright torch with 4 stages of brightness  Normal, Strong, Flash )
4. Provide emergency […]


Last week Amazon did its big reveal of the Kindle Fire tablet and the updated range of Kindles. The highlight of the Kindle announcement, besides the introduction of a touchscreen, was the cheaper price of the keyboard-less e-reader.
$79 instead of $99 is a great saving, but before you decide to buy, keep in mind one […]



The recently concluded IFA 2011 in Berlin, Germany, certainly brought about plenty of excitement what with cool new tablets being introduced. Well, it seems that the stereoscopic 3D action is far from over, and you might even say that it is just starting – as Marchon3D decided to introduce their new 3D eyewear collection in […]

Here’s a smaller, sleeker ergonomic keyboard. Now this Maltron 3D keyboard looks much sleeker which fits the shape of different lengths of fingers to make typing a much more comfortable experience. This eliminated the constant twisting of wrists.
This one looks a lot better but again is not the most small keyboard in the world, so […]


Korean manufacturer Samsung has announced recently that it is going to add four new smartphones to its Galaxy range meaning that all the four would be running Android. The new smartphones under the Galaxy range are – Galaxy Y, Galaxy W, Galaxy Y Pro, and Galaxy M Pro.
The Galaxy Y runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread […]


It has been developed in Samsung HD3 device concept, which resembles a portable gaming console. After the button placement, the game console is similar to the Sony PSP, but it seems significantly higher.
If you already HD3 is planned as graphically capable device, then certainly all interested in what it has in the abdomen. Information can […]

Phone, keys, wallet. Discovering that you’re missing any of these three items could easily trigger a panic attack, yet they’re all so easy to misplace. How many times have you spent twenty minutes looking for keys that were buried between the couch cushions? The Cobra Tag may help you win that losing battle. Acting as […]

If you happen to be good friends with an accountant or basically anyone involved in crunching numbers in the financial sector and are scratching your head as to what to purchase for them as a present, might I interest you in what has long been deemed to be the gold standard of business calculation – […]

Do you happen to feel a little bit like James Bond at the moment, and want to make sure that you have the gear to go along with your spying adventures in the future? Well, ThinkGeek might have just the device for you – the SpyNet Night Vision Mission Video Watch. It looks like a […]

So you’ve just gotten yourself a brand new Motorola XOOM – what are you supposed to do with it next? Well, there is always the move to purchase some sort of protection for your tablet, and what better name than OtterBox if you want to keep your spanking new Motorola XOOM pristine? Well, there is […]

This USB Card Shaver is the thinnest of its ilk that we’ve seen and, with a diameter of only 10mm, is perfect for the man-on-the-go trying to hide that he uses an USB shaver in the first place.
The product page explains that its great for business, traveling and as a holiday present for your loved […]

Dust bunnies tend to congregate even with a short amount of time whenever you are not around, or having gone off for a really long holiday. Unfortunately, with this Star Trek TNG Dustbuster Hand Phaser Prop Replica, it will not even suck after you throw down a cool $499.99 for it, making this one for […]

Sony has decided to make it possible to enjoy your portable gadgets even longer than normal while you’re away from home.  The small power supply gives your USB chargeable devices a little bit of a boost.  Just pick up this USB Portable Power Supply and you won’t have to run home nearly as often to […]

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