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Smartwatches, intelligent homes and drones that follow users wherever they go are on show at Berlin’s mega consumer electronics fair, which opened its doors to the public on Friday.
Here are some of this year’s eye-catching trends and innovations at the six-day showcase:
Smartwatches go round
Samsung, Huawei and Motorola pick spherical faces for their latest smartwatch offers, […]

After launching its new ‘Axon’ smartphone series with the introduction of its ZTE Axon handset in the market, ZTE on Tuesday launched two new devices under its ‘Axon’ brand, of which one is the Axon Lux smartphone and the other is the Axon Watch smartwatch. The smartphone is priced at CNY 3,888 (roughly Rs. 40,000), […]

You’re about to lose your temper over a tech support call that’s dragging on when you look down at your wrist and see a reminder of your mortality. Maybe you should spend your limited time feeling happy, rather than pissed off, you think. This little wake-up call comes courtesy of Tikker, a watch that counts […]

Samsung has finally joined the battle with the new Samsung Galaxy Gear, a ‘companion device’ for the new Galaxy Note 3 and other Galaxy devices.In simple terms this new ‘smartwatch’ piggybacks your existing smartphone but puts a lot of the functions on your wrist where it’s arguable that you need them most. But it’s more […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, a new computing device worn like a wristwatch, is certain to pique much curiosity when it starts being worn in public. The intensely black rectangular screen and orange strap on the wrist of a Samsung executive immediately caught my eye as she entered a corporate meeting room to give a preview of […]

The Sony Smart Watch 2 is a wrist-mounted notifications and app companion for any Android smartphone. (£149)
Key Features:
* 3-7 days battery life
* Bluetooth 3.0
* Water resistant
* Replaceable wrist-strap
* Calls, emails, music, many other apps
The Sony SmartWatch 2 is the Japanese tech giant’s latest attempt to get you to wear an Android thingy on your wrist, […]

Meteor smartwatch by Kreyos

Launched Monday on Indiegogo, the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch – which is priced at special launch prices available only for a limited time – will be delivered to consumers before Christmas.
Unlike early smartwatches that only have the ability to send one-way notifications, the Kreyos Meteor allows users to communicate back and forth on their smartwatch with […]

Some folks absolutely love fishing, where their devotion to the sport or activity is clearly on par with those who cannot get enough of golf. Well, being out in the open sea, or by the creek, you would definitely want to be well equipped, and a timepiece can be said to be a crucial piece […]

All New Radiation Detecting Watch

You might be living in a peaceful country, but bear in mind that there is always the threat of nuclear warfare breaking out at any time no thanks to some renegade failed states, insane regimes as well as established nuclear powers who are too jittery. For those who are paranoid androids, being totally afraid of […]


Now here is a piece of medical machinery that you might want to check out, assuming that you are right now in the market for a pulse monitor of sorts. Granted, most medical devices are not as cool as what we see in the movies (especially those science fiction ones), but thankfully companies do realize […]


The Casio Edifice Stainless Steel Ana-Digi Thermometer Dual Stopwatch (EFA-119BK-1AVCF) is a commanding piece of timekeeping with a sleek executive feel. The feature that stands out on this watch is a built in thermometer giving accurate Celsius readings.
Specification :

Watch Movement : Quartz
Dial Colour : L.C.D
Material : Black ion plated Stainless steel case / bracelet
Crystal / […]


There are timepieces which are laden with jewels and such, but if you do not happen to have the kind of deep pockets that warrant such luxurious purchases, then perhaps something more down to earth is in line for the average Joe? Enter the $199.99 Void Watch Retro Gauge Stainless – while it is not […]


Marking your workout’s progress can be quite a chore, but then again, I supposed if you have the discipline to work out each day without having to drag yourself out of bed, keeping track of your health record should not be too hard to do. The $99.99 Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch might help you […]


This is the World Time Sport from Phosphor watches, and it has an E INK display. I am assuming that this makes it unique, but one of the things that I think make it unique is that there are no buttons.
In the place of buttons are finger swipes that I found quite difficult to work. […]


When we talk about going green, the usual suspects tend to come into mind – electric or hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and the lesser known Honda Insight. Apart from that there are also items such as solar powered devices ranging from phones to netbooks, but how about timepieces? Of course, one could […]

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